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Payments and Prices

We accept payments both in Euro and Lek. You can pay when you pick-up your luggages.

  • After 4hours of storage the cost is 5Euros all day, no matter the time until our closing hours.

  • 2 to 4 luggages the price doubles
    4 to 6 tripes and so on!
    If you feel our price list doesn't answer to your specific needs, please feel free to email us at:
    We are faster with emails.




Size of the Luggage/Item

Our storage price is based on the number of luggages or items you need to store, no matter the size.



We do offer discounts and other services for groups: such as a pick-up and delivery upon request.


Storing where and how?

We are locals from Tirana. We will take care of your items in person. Our storage space is where our office space is. We are not third parties using automatic storage platforms - we are people and we are present for you :).


Up to 2 Luggages 1Hour/ 1€ or 150Lek
Up to 2 Luggages All Day/ 5€ or 650Lek
Up to 2 Luggages - 2Days/ 10€ or 1200Lek
Up to 2 Luggages - 3Days to 5Days/ 15€ or 1700Lek
Up to 2 Luggages - 5Days to 7Days/ 20€ or 2500Lek
Up to 2 Luggages - 1Week to 2 Weeks 30€ or 3700Lek
Up to 2 Luggages - 2 Weeks to 1 Month 40€ or 4700Lek
2 to 4 luggages - Price doubles, ie.1Hour/ 2€ or 300Lek
4 to 6 luggages - Price triples, ie.1Hour/ 3€ or 4500Lek
and so on...
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